At Fluxentric, we make innovative lighting products available to people and businesses in specific markets. These products have a clear and positive effect on the activities these people and businesses perform, whether it is a production process or a leisure activity. If the business case is right, and the user benefit clear, we take challenging products and ideas further. This has led to the development and adoption of products as diverse as the Arctic Beam, that illuminates ski slopes, the UV Pro Cure, which is a UV-curing fixture that cures UV-paints in the car body repair market, and Tweener, the revolutionary lighting for outdoor tennis courts that can do without lighting columns.


Fluxentric uses cutting edge LED and lighting technologies to develop and or sell innovative lighting products in existing and new markets. Its aim is to make a difference. If a customer does not experience an improvement when using one of our products, we better stop selling it.


With products so diverse, we have created different websites to inform you. Are you interested to learn more about Arctic Beam ski slope lighting, then refer to our section on this product or visit Slope Lighting Solutions. Or if you like to know more about the other products, please refer to those sections on this website or visit the product websites.