Arctic Beam

The illumination requirements of ski slopes, as well as the challenging and inspiring mountainous surroundings, have so far never led to the development of a luminaire that fits in with the surroundings both technically and visually.


But the Arctic Beam has done just that. The Arctic Beam is a Led technology based luminaire that clearly stands out from the gas discharge lamps that can be commonly found on ski slopes. It consumes less energy, offers better and more efficient light quality, is remotely dimmable, causes less spill light, has long lifetime, low weight and compact size, contains no toxic elements and is unique in its design


Slope Lighting Solutions is the only company in the global sports lighting arena that has dedicated itself exclusively to the illumination of ski slopes and tracks.


For further information visit  www.arcticbeam.com


Installed Arctic Beams


Tweener is a revolutionary, patented lighting system for tennis courts. Tweener lighting modules are mounted at a height of 3 meters on the fences surrounding the tennis court.  Tweener offers savings of 50% on purchase cost, energy consumption and maintenance compared to traditional (Led) lighting solutions that use lighting columns. Installation is easy and does not require an installation company. Tweener puts the light where it is needed and by its low mounting height reduces light pollution significantly.


Tweener was developed by French company NLX that has supplied Led lighting solutions to sports accommodations for the last ten years and complies with lighting recommendations of national tennis federations.

Tweener was awarded the 2018 Tennis Industry Innovation Challenge in the United states.


Tweener lighting system offers the following advantages:

* save 50% on purchase cost, energy consumption and maintenance

* no need for lighting columns

* do it yourself installation possible

* no excavation works required

* reduces light pollution significantly

* no glare with high balls

* 300 lux / 0,7 uniformity


Click here to download the Tweener product leaflet.

Visit www.tweener.nl for more information.


Led Curing Systems

Phosphor material samples

The use of UV-coatings in the car body repair industry has many advantages. The key benefits are speed, environmental friendliness, improved physical properties, less floor space needed and reduced scrap. These, together with environmental regulations imposed by governments and greater sustainability awareness among customers explains the rapid growth of this segment within the coatings industry.


Until now UV-coatings have been cured through the use of mercury vapour lamps. These lamps have a number of serious drawbacks, such as short lifetime (<400 hours) resulting in

frequent lamp replacement and high  replacement costs, high energy consumption, use of    hazardous mercury,  and production of radiant heat which harms the paint.


The environmental benefits of using UV-coatings are partly nullified by the use of environmentally hostile curing solutions.


At the request of the coating industry, LED Curing Systems developed the UV ProCure, a LED curing system that has none of the drawbacks associated with mercury lamp based curing systems. The UV ProCure improves the quality of the paint, uses up to 70% les energy, has a lifetime of 20.000 hours and contains no hazardous chemicals.



For further information visit  www.ledcuringsystems.com